Tim Vasko

Founder, & Director, CEO
BlockCerts International, Finaeos, Inc., Credence Code Technologies, Inc.
Professor, Patented Inventor, Chief Applied Technology Architect, MBA, MIT Fintech Certified

Tim Vasko has been an entrepreneur, professor, innovator, cloud pioneer, technical platform and applied business technology architect in the cloud space for over twenty years. Tim first explored blockchain in 2013, and released his first bitcoin based node by the end of that year. Tim has been the recipient of a patent awarded in 2015 against his innovative designs for social applied technology to business user interfaces. Most recently he attended MIT in the Fintech certification program. Tim has spoken extensively for technology companies including Microsoft, Blackberry, Quark and Oracle. He has also been a keynote speaker at the University level. TimVasko.com contains many of his thoughts and blog. Tim has written one book, BIPEDĀ® Business in Process Enterprise Design which he wrote prior to embarking on the major engineering effort of the CORE platform behind BCERTS and BLISS and the CSR Ledger. He is in the process of writing his second book, expected for publication in 2018.

Tim is married and is the father of five children, two of which are PhD candidates at prestigious institutions. His three other children are at home with Tim and his wife, attending primary and secondary schools, learning to be the next generation of participant leadership for the world.