Dr. Robert Willix,

MD - Domain Expert and Chief Advisor on Medical Technology Applications

Graduate of Boston College with a BS in Biology. He did postgraduate work for his Master Degree at Seton Hall University and completed his Medical Doctorate Degree at the University of Missouri m\Medical Center in Colombia Missouri.

Soon after he completed his Cardiovascular Surgical training at the prestigious University. Of Michigan Medical Center at Ann Arbor Michigan , Robert D. Willix Jr.MD pioneered the first open heart Surgical program in the State of South Dakota.

In 1981 as the Director of Cardiac Rehabilitation and Human Performance for 4 South Florida hospitals he changed his direction toward Preventative and Integrative Medicine. Over the past 36 years he has trained in Ayurvedic, Shamanic and Ant -Aging Medicine and Integrative personalized medicine. He has authored 5 books and has recently submitted his new book The Rejuvenation Solutions, The 7 Steps to Slow the Aging Process.

He has developed expertise in meditation, herbal medicine, and was one of the first physician in the USA to develop protocols for bioidentical hormones.

He continues to promote a Vegan lifestyle, trains for triathlons and has completed 14 marathons over 50 triathlons and  The IRONMAN WORLD Championship in Kona Hawaii. He believes that integrative/personalized medicine is the medical approach for the 21st Century and that plant based medicine will replace the use of many pharmaceutical drugs.