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A Canadian-built blockchain scaling
through partnerships

The Start-Up News Canada highlighted Finaeos and stating Finaeos and Blockcerts “is garnering international attention following participation in the Canadian Trade Accelerator Boston. The CTA program leverages a vast global business opportunity. “The ecosystem in Boston, within which the CTA is located, is more than just a bridge to the United States, it is truly a global ecosystem,” said Tim Vasko. “All of the key players are there, with more than $20 billion a year invested into the tech and innovation community within a one-mile radius.” 


Hail Know: “Real World” problems that blockchain “smart contracts” will solve!!

A week ago, I was at my Mom’s house in Colorado. Colorado is infamous for its massive thunder and hail storms and insurance companies are paying the price for inclement weather nearly every year. While we were there, true to form, Colorado hail did its damage.


How to Build a Better Life on the Chain

Blockchain – it is no longer a matter of “if” or “when” – it is a matter of “How”

How fast will the transformation occur? How soon will it hit me, my business, my life? How much impact will it make? How will I chain?

Because, eventually, everyone, everything, will be on the chain.

How do I know?

It’s pretty simple and obvious if you take a look at the media.

Zuckerberg went in front of congress to discuss the use of your private information (I don’t use Facebook – nor does my family) for political analysis.

Equifax (which we all use, like it or not) – let our information “slip” into the hands of hackers.


BlockCerts International Forms Blockchain Strategic Alliance in Mauritius,
The Financial Hub of African Continent

Harboring new opportunities for growth and inclusion, BlockCerts International opens its doors to key markets in India and the African continent. In association with Mauritius-based Rogers Capital, BlockCerts seeks to develop new blockchain innovation and infrastructure functions, servicing the African population in its economic model. Recognized as a financial hub in Africa, Mauritius boasts great market potential and the capacity to become a capital for global investors.


Tokenization and Transactions:
The Future Is Now

BlockCerts Featured in Money Magazine as Low-Cost Solution to Privacy and Security Challenges

In today’s climate of changing global regulations, technology innovators are paving the way to compliancy and, bonus! A cost-effective and streamlined business model. The solution is blockchain technology, a system dependent on secure and decentralized “tokens” of information.

“Tokens and blockchain, will define the next generation of business in an Open Structure, trust-based economy which is imbedded in every transaction.” 


Top Lessons From Top Leaders in 2018

Tim Vasko Featured in as one of the most
notable leaders to watch

“As a front runner in the Fintech and Blockchain spaces, Tim is pushing SaaS transformation, while challenging the model of enterprise technology silos, in order to create distributed, inclusive technology OSO platforms as global bridges between entrepreneurial and enterprise systems.

His technology has been refined through a capstone team MIT Fintech, and recently certified research through Oxford University.”


Credence Code Technologies to Raise Price of Offering March 23 2018

Rehoboth Beach, DE. March 12, 2018 Credence Code Technologies, Inc., a Delaware Corporation, has announced that the price of future BCERTS blockchain tokens that the company is offering to accredited investors will double in price effective March 24, 2018...


We’re Breaking Radio Silence!

March 14, 2018: Seattle Washington Finaeos Announces a BlockCerts blockchain on every core

Finaeos is proud to announce the integration of blockchain into the Finaeos Core via the BlockCerts Token platform and Central Smart Registry. Finaeos Core is delivering for use, the first fully enabled user rapid deployment Smart Contract and user tools platform. BlockCerts blockchain is immediately accessible for ‘real world’ use…


Pre-Sale of Programmable Tokens Announced

Credence Code Technologies (“Credence”), announced today a pre-sale of BlockCerts Smart Contract blockchain tokens (BCERTS) to accredited investors. Credence is the exclusive North American distributor of BCERTS and is conducting a very limited offering of future tokens to interested investors who have registered at